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Queuing system

·         During club nights a queuing system operates by means of a written list or peg board.

·         It is the responsibility of all players to add their names to the end of the queue when they arrive.

·         The player at the head of the queue selects any 3 players from the next 6 in the queue to make up the next game.

·         The player at the head of the queue may opt to miss a turn, in which case the next player in the queue chooses 3 from the next 6.

·         At the end of a game, it is the responsibility of all players to add their names to the end of the queue.  The names of the winners go before the names of the losers.



Home matches

·         When there is a home match, 3 courts are used for the first round of rubbers and 1 court is available for club night.

·         Thereafter, 2 courts are used for the match and 2 courts are available for club night.

·         If there are 2 home matches simultaneously, each match uses 2 courts and there are no courts available for club night.  The Secretary will try to keep such situations to a minimum but sometimes it is unavoidable.

·         Match players cannot add their names to the club night queue until their match has completely finished, and then only if there are not enough non-match players to fill the courts.  Match players must not overlook non-match players sitting off when joining the queue at the end of a match.



Team practice

·         On a club night when there is no home match playing, 1 court is available after 9:00 for practice for a team that has a match before the next club night.  The team captain must select the players for practice.  If more than 1 team have a match before the next club night a 2nd court is available from 9:30.  If the 2nd court is needed the team captains must agree a fair division of the use of the courts. 

·         If there is a home match being played then 1 court should be made available from 9:30.  No 2nd court should be given, unless there is one available.  If more than 1 team wishes to use the court, the captains must decide on the usage.

·         There should be no adding or subtracting to the practising players once chosen, unless another court becomes available.   Any practising players must remove their names from the club night queue. 




All players should take care of shuttles to minimise costs.  In particular:

·         Knock up with used shuttles rather than new ones.

·         Collect any reusable shuttles at the end of matches and club nights and put them in tubes.

·         Put any useless shuttles in the bin.

·         Team Captains should liaise with the Secretary to ensure that there are sufficient shuttles on match nights.


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